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Beirut Aerial View

Aerial  Photography

Reel MODE provides clients with boundary-pushing aerial filming, drone photography and inspection services. Be it for wedding photos, building or land surveying, agricultural or crop surveying, aerial property or estate agents, marketing, product and promotional videos to TV & film, we are able to shoot aerial images that really show off a different aspect & view to your photography than the ones shot from the ground.

As we are experienced photographers, we know all about composition, colour, atmosphere and the importance of storytelling and drones are one of our favoured techs of choice because of the stunning imagery they are capable of. By taking to the sky we can capture exceptional high-quality footage and images that will bring a touch of magic to your production.  We dare to be different and combine innovative thinking and creative inspiration to successfully deliver exceptional quality content that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

We can capture stunning stills of up to 24mp and video quality up to 4K, and our experienced pilots are capable of flying our agile drones close to difficult locations, day or night while maintaining the highest standards in safety and operation. We can operate from a few feet above the ground up to hundreds of feet in the air, so whatever your requirements, we are able to capture aerial imagery to suit your needs.

Aeriel View of Housing Unit
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