“Great photography is not a luxury – 

it is often the very first thing a prospective client or customer notices about your business”



Your wedding day is one, which you will remember for many years to come.  A wedding album could be your only tangible item to remember the most important day of your life. Help ensure that those memories do not fade with stunning photographs to create a story of your big day for the two of you to treasure. At Reel MODE, we ensure that all your photography requirements are met efficiently and to a standard of quality, which we know you will be proud to show off.

Working in an unobtrusive style with next to no fuss, our aim is to ensure that you spend as long as possible with your guests and enjoy your special day. After all, no one enjoys waiting around aimlessly whilst another large group is arranged. Therefore, we help to ensure that your day runs smoothly and both you and your guests feel comfortable.

On the wedding day, photography coverage normally starts bright and early with bridal preparation before the wedding; taking photographs of the dress, shoes and everything that helps you look stunning for the big day and continues right through to the first dance.  All wedding album packages can include a full days attendance, and because we only photograph one wedding per day and so you can be assured that we’ll always be on hand to capture all those special moments as they happen.

Why hire a professional at all?

Having photos or a video taken at your wedding derives from the need to capture, preserve and eventually enhance memories of your amazing day. But an interesting question that many couples may ask is whether they need to hire a specialist professional at all. Often, this decision boils down to whether you are happy to rely solely on your guests’ random photographs, or would prefer to seek out an experienced wedding photographer. Reel MODE offers you a friendly and professional service mixed with the uniqueness of a good eye for the best angle and pose for your perfect shot.


Consumer-level point-and-click cameras have evolved and improved by leaps and bounds over the last ten years or so. There are plenty of affordable cameras out there with huge ‘megapixels’ and fancy features, but putting it bluntly, photographs taken from these ‘toys’ can never match the quality of a professional photographer’s DSLR. A photographic ‘eye’ and the practiced ability to artistically ‘frame’ a shot goes a long way too, qualities that all professional lens-men possess.

So if you are happy to have your wedding captured in a series of flat, colourless and badly framed images, then go ahead, just rely on your guests’ pooled photographs.

If not, then Reel MODE will save the day!

The professionals

Within Reel MODE, we have experienced professional wedding photographers, which have been in their trade for a goodly length of time. They simply know how weddings work, down to the finest detail. Photographing live and unfolding events takes a great deal of foresight, and correct and astute physical positioning, in order to get the best possible angle and take advantage of the optimal lighting situations. Professionals are detached from the mind-set of a typical wedding guest, always making sure they are ahead of what is happening throughout the day.



Candid photography conquers the world with every second more and more. Magazines and day to day photographs have recently turned to this kind of photography art. Perhaps it is the posed photos that we are tired today and is the considerable reason why candid photography meaning is rising. All the images with models looking straight into the camera are everywhere and they lacking the true story behind. Unlike the candid photography poses.  It is the aim of the photographer to make you look more natural in the image, without playing a particular role, just revealing yourself as you are, without any mask. 

It is not about secret shooting!

The best candid photos are sure to be made when the object knows that he / she is shot and it does not bother them, people feel free in front of the camera and behave in their natural way. It is the photographer who should wait the right moment and make the object of the photo session feel comfortable. As a result, we get true and awesome candid image. And it is the point of revealing the candid photography meaning of the person being taken photos: who is he / she, what is on the mind or what is the reason of them being worried, even what is on their point of view concerning the photographer. However, it is only one of the perspectives that you may stick to. 

Others would definitely do not agree with my point and argue saying still the hottest images can be produced when shot is in a secret. People noticing camera become awkward and shy and it will spoil the image since it would be unnatural. 


Our photographers will capture those special moments at your event. We will also capture all the little things like your decorations, food, centre pieces, etc. We use professional grade equipment and our photographers are experts in using them. Our photographers are also experienced event photographers. We have photographed a wide range of events ranging from concerts, graduations, birthdays and more.

Don’t let your highlight of your night be forgotten. 



As the days and months go by and your baby grows from a tiny bundle of joy into a smiling, laughing little person, there are so many special moments to record for both you and your family. The best time to have your baby photographed is from about twelve weeks onwards, once your baby can prop their head up and are showing us many smiles and giggles. This is a lovely time with your baby’s personality shining through.

Our style and approach to baby photography allows us to photograph your baby as they play with you and take in the world around them. This creates natural images, which focus on how your baby interacts with all of their other family members and the ever-changing world that they are starting to notice.

When your baby is a little older, at around 8 or 9 months, there’s a wonderful opportunity for more interactive baby pictures. These sessions often have the excitement of your baby beginning to crawl, rolling around and possibly standing for the very first time, truly magical moments for every mum and dad.

Newborn photography is a once in a lifetime experience as your child will change and grow in the blink of an eye. Capturing these teeny tiny details that will change so quickly is an investment that you will treasure forever.

The best time for newborn photographs is when baby is between 6 – 14 days old. Newborn photographs are done early so that baby is still very sleepy.

We will contact you closer to the time to see whether baby has made an appearance, and if not we simply push the session back. If the baby does decide to make a slightly early appearance that’s not a problem, just let us know as soon as you can and we can bring your session forward.

We recommend booking in advance sessions do get booked up quickly, it is important that the newborn session is done before baby is 3 weeks old.

We advise all Mums- to-be to book their session about 10 days after their due date. This is a provisional booking as most babies don’t arrive on their due date.


Reel MODE offers a fantastic photography service for children, taking beautiful pictures you’re guaranteed to love. Our children’s portraits are of the most exceptional quality and offered in a range of packages, are suitable for all budgets.

As dynamic photographers, we know exactly what it takes to get brilliant images of your child. We create a friendly, relaxed environment at our studio in Hertfordshire and take the time on each shoot to make sure your child is happy and at ease.



Before your visit the studio we will give you some ideas and discuss what you can bring along to the studio to help tell your family’s story. Props are a great idea to help show off your family dynamic.


Do you play an instrument, or have an unusual hobby? We welcome all members of the family including your pets – after all they are part of the family too.



Lifestyle photography is a form of portrait photography that captures real-life situations. These lifestyle portraits are taken under controlled conditions to provide maximum creativity and styling. Lifestyle portraits are used for promotion of lifestyle products and services or to help promote and advertise a brand.

Through reportage photography people can be photographed within a lifestyle context naturally, thus allowing capture of real emotion and action.

And with the rise in social media networking and a definite switch towards doing business on a more personal level, the importance of a strong image that matches and reinforces your identity has become more important than ever.

With Reel MODE, Lifestyle Photography is a professional photography service in its own. We give our customers just that - a completely professional photography service, but we add one special factor – enjoyment.  After all, our aim is to capture your unique lifestyle, your family’s individual characteristics, or the magical moments that make your special day that much more.

To do this we have our own dedicated specialists to work on every element of your photographic project.  We plan every stage of your photographic shoot carefully, but we also love to capture those impromptu moments and quirky looks that really reflect who you are.

Reel MODE was founded in 2010, and our growth has been rapid.  Our studio facilities in Hertfordshire give us the flexibility to handle just about any portrait, artistic or commercial commission.  Why not call in and see for yourself.

There is no obligation, no commitment and no pressure.  It is an opportunity to capture a wonderful moment with you and your beloved….absolutely free!

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