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We are a UK-based production company committed to the highest quality production of videos, photography and graphics design. The company platform envisions pioneering, innovative productions that aim to entertain both domestic and international audiences. In particular, Reel MODE specializes in cinematography, which appeals to both the East and the West, and brings to viewers the best of both worlds.

Founded in 2013, Reel MODE has grown rapidly to combine film production services with photography, graphics design & comprehensive visualisation capabilities. The company has now become a leading independent company with the unsurpassed goal of delivering superb quality products to our audience. Reel MODE handles and distributes the rights to own productions, and independent productions.

Dedicated to telling brand stories through engaging, emotive and effective video & photo content, we can act as the creative spark or the trusted guardian of an idea. Whilst our diversity keeps us creative, we pride ourselves on working to a consistent set of values. Our intelligent, honest and flexible approach combined with our ‘go the extra mile’ ethos means our clients return to us time and time again.

The projects worked on at Reel MODE are on an individual basis with an emphasis on acquiring a portfolio of high quality outcomes, in order to

concentrate our marketing synergies towards the specific requirements of each criteriaUnderscoring our unparalleled commitment to our clients, Reel MODE has featured work throughout India, North America, U.K. and Europe.

Our full-service offer covers creative direction and strategy, live action filming, photography, animation, motion design, visual effects and post-production. Our films are cinematic and distinct, using our skillset to create an aesthetic that tells your story in the best way.  We want to hear from you and tell your story, bringing to life your vision in a stylish, exciting way.

Our approach starts with listening – listening to you and hearing what it is you want to say.  Then research, this might be looking into style and approach that may suit you – not all projects need huge crews, so we work anywhere between individuals to crews as large as 12 people for some shoots.  It is all about making the project work for you and approaching it with a creative-lead technique.

We also provide world-class visualisation services for the property sector. With a full-time studio of producers, technicians, compositors and graphic designers, we produce truly outstanding work that excels above expectations. If you would like to talk to us about a project, big or small, simply fill in the contact form and send it back to us OR give us a call.


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