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Wedding Photos

If you are looking for photographers to take care of your special day and to capture those intimate moments, then you have come to the right place! The Reel MODE team have over 12 years’ professional experience handling all types of weddings.

Weddings are known to be beautiful & joyful occasions – After all, these are all about the coming together of two people in love! It is one of those special times that comes once in a lifetime, and you are surrounded by your family, your friends and love ones. Because of this, as photographers, it is our duty to ensure we capture all the wonderful smiles and laughter’s of the day as the wedding unfolds, so you able to tell your story for generations.

Yes, we do specialise in Portrait photography, but on these types of occasions we really excel at Candid style of shooting to capture everyone in their natural element. These shots feel more real and are able to tell a story each time. Whether it’s the bride throwing back the bouquet to the bridesmaids OR the grandads with their nephews on their shoulders, we strive to capture these shots as natural as possible, so people don’t have to worry about trying to ‘create a smile’ for the camera! The Reel MODE make it their highest priority to make it all about you! We give you the confidence of knowing that everything photography-related will be covered, so you can relax and focus on enjoying your big day.

After your wedding event, within a matter of only a few weeks, we will have edited your entire collection including enhancing the lighting and colour tones. You can choose from a range of outputs such as Custom- designed Printed Lay-flat Photobooks, Canvas Frames, Printed Cushions, Printed Mugs & more! Each package will also be supplied with your photos on a USB drive AND a Password-protected online collection link for you to keep safe forver!

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