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Specially crafted videos that Deliver Messages within Stories

Reel MODE Films is an independent UK- based film production house and it’s team are passionate and creative individuals, including strategists and producers. Our aim is to create visual content that captures the essence of human passion and inspiration. We achieve this by delivering high quality, creative video through a simplified production process. We are delighted to have worked on a variety of content such as TV dramas, documentaries, marketing films, Educational films & online video content. Whatever the brief, we'll take care of everything, all the way from script to screen.

We pride ourselves on producing films that both brings out emotions and delivers a message and creates exceptional results. We’ll help raise your profile, share your ideas, promote your brands and sell your products whether you’re commissioning a commercial, promotional video, research film or documentary.

The key members of our in-house team above are supported by talented colleagues and trusted external partners as needed, giving us in-depth knowledge and skills in every aspect of the video and film production process from the creative stage right through to distribution.

Watching a Movie


Film Reels

"They say a picture can speak a thousand words. If this is the case, we know that video can speak a Million words..." 


Director of Photography


The line of production is essentially about dealing with two big challenges. One is money. The other is time. And they always come in pairs. But you probably know that already.
And that’s where we come in. During the years, we developed the know-how to make it all fall into place. There is always the way to find the best possible production solution; to be good, competitive and to keep the standard of quality.
Experience is not irrelevant matter when it comes to production services. It’s exactly what enables us to be a great production service and co-production partner.

We approach a 360° marketing plan with a keen understanding of today’s content needs for social media, TV and streaming services, and print ads. Storytelling is an artform that we aim to master. Focused content and stellar visuals is what makes us stand out!

From IGTV to Snapchat, we are evolving with each new video trend that hits the market. It’s not enough for us to be a highly recommended film company - we strive for brilliance.

Director of Photography

Need us to shoot it for you? 

Our self-sufficient crew will follow your brief and get the shoot done to the highest production standards.

Solutions for every budget

As skilled negotiators and problem solvers, we’ll not only keep you on budget, we’ll save you money.


Contributors and talent

With an excellent network of contacts we find the characters and experts you need.

Keyboard and Mouse

Got a project you think we could help with?

Or call directly on 07725 762887

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