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Live Music  Photos

Good images generate interest from press and fans alike. Our team bring a fresh approach and creative style to produce images that tell the story of the night. Reel MODE can cover a wide range of music events and venues, including creative music, concerts, festivals, folk and acoustic clubs, open mic nights, and dedicated music venues. No event or band is too big or too small


It is the offbeat photos that help to convey the energy and atmosphere of a gig, such as the reactions of the audience or the looks between the musicians. Imagine the vivid colours that take you right back to the energy of playing live, powerful shots of performing moments on stage plus candid backstage and soundcheck shots to give the fans a behind-the-scenes look at pre-gig rituals.

Having experienced photographers capture the live music events you hold is also a great way to promote your 'Gig Nights' and can be tailored to focus more on the audience and the great time they are having!


We can provide a wide range of promo photography services, for use on albums and demo covers, posters and flyers. We can also provide design services and printing services to take you from photograph right through to finished printed goods.

Live Show
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