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We don’t just take photographs, We create memories

If you’re looking for expert photographers to capture your special moments, then Reel MODE is the right place for each of your needs.

Our team of creative and experienced photographers offer an integral service that is both competitive and affordably priced, so you will have complete peace of mind that we will meet your requirements and needs. We are able to accomplish remarkably eye-catching results for used throughout your businesses, advertising campaigns, product listings, or even personal use such as social media.

Whether it’s a posed style or candid photography, Reel MODE put quality and creativity at the heart of EVERY project that we do. We can even go the extra mile and organise locations, models, make-up artists and more to complete the picture.

Regardless of what your budget it, here at Reel MODE, we are very flexible at trying to achieve your needs and reach your goals within that criteria. The Reel MODE team want to build a strong working relationship with all of our clients, where you want to come back to us time and again, because you trust us to deliver quality service, efficiently!

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The REEL MODE Process

How we work all depends on you, the client. Whether you are one who’d prefer to work to a more formal guidance, or perhaps you would rather take on a more informal method, we are flexible and adhere to your needs!
We will work in a manner that is comfortable to you, and to ensure this happens, here are 4 easy process steps that will guarantee we meet your goals and deliver a success outcome:

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PART 1: Your Brief

In order to make for a smooth project, we initially ask for a brief from our clients. This way we can gather all of the right information to get a better understanding of your needs. This ensures that both, Reel MODE and you, the client can be confident from the start.

The brief should include a detailed description of your requirements, your main goals, a vision of what you want to achieve and possible targeted audience. At this stage of the project, this information is vital as we can then adapt the way we work to suit your desired objectives for the project.


PART 2: Our Recommendations

Following on from your brief, we will digest what is required to ensure that we understand your objectives and your target demographic. Here is when we will propose a range of ideas and best possible formats that would be suitable for your photography project.

As we have a team of professionals, it is always a good idea to get a collective feedback of processes that would help better improve the project at hand. We may suggest some additional content or varied graphics to compliment your initial photography. 

PART 3: Concept Pages

After now studying your brief as well as our suggestions, we will provide you rough sketch or brief outline of the photography or work that we will do to best execute your project, ready for your approval. This is the part where things start to get exciting and come to life. We will begin to see the project move from an initial recommendation to a visual representation of the final outcome!

More importantly, this step also highlights how important it is to provide us with as much information as possible in the first step, as it will ensure we create the outcome that you initially envisioned. We believe that with great communication, we will achieve what you desire in the final end project.

PART 4: Sign Off & Full Production

After the final concept has been agreed been signed off by you, the client, then we start on the photography shoot working towards the final outcome. We do take into consideration any specific points that were mentioned in the initial brief. This is where the magic comes together and the project really comes to life. All of the information is combined with our experience and skillset to deliver a bespoke product that is unique and delivers above expectations.

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