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Elegant Wedding

Creating cinematic wedding movies for all to enjoy

Over the past 12 years, we have valued all of client’s weddings that we have worked on and have been able to produce some truly amazing cinematic wedding. We have put in our heart and soul into EVERY wedding booking and are passionate for our audience to be moved by the work that we produce. We truly want to capture the real emotions to bring out your emotions. We promise to document your wedding in an authentic and meaningful way.

Over the years, our team have developed a deep understanding of the flow of a wedding day - something that translates in our favour when piecing together your movie.  Our experience in the wedding industry means you can rest assured throughout the day knowing we’ll piece together an Authentic representation of your day.


We cannot wait to meet you, so please get in touch, we're ready to help!

Outdoor Wedding



6 week fast turnaround

We know how it is with the current trend of videographers, and how they can take anywhere between 6 months to a year before you can view the first cut of your wedding video.
Why wait all that time to view your memories when you can watch them over and over again, while it is still fresh. Reel MODE promises to get your first draft to you within
4-6 weeks from the date of filming. We aim to raise the standards of expectations within the industry and deliver the very best in quality AND on schedule.



The only way to complement a fine, luxury wedding is to use professional 4K and HD videography. Our specialist cinematography creates picture-perfect cinematic wedding videos, tailored to your desires.

We understand that no two weddings are the same. We think it is important to shoot a film that reflects your particular wedding. On the other hand, if you do not know what you want, we will make creative suggestions. Either way, the result will be exactly what you dreamed of: a beautifully shot, eloquent and perfectly edited set of memories to commemorate your happiness. 


Innovative  Techniques & Stylish Editing

Our favourite styles are natural, relaxed and allow each couple’s personalities to shine through, best known as Candid filming.
We have a keen eye for the details as well as the necessary resources and – of course - the enthusiasm. From a professional standpoint, your wedding video is almost as special to us as it is to you. Doing a brilliant job for our brides and grooms is what makes us happiest. 

We are best known and loved for our elegant, stylish, contemporary camera work and editing. We tailor-make emotional and heart-warming, lively, classy wedding videos rich in precious memories. 



The Reel MODE photography and videography covers all types of cultured weddings. We have already worked on a variety of ethic-cultured weddings, such as Christian Weddings, Sikh Weddings, Hindu Weddings, Islamic Weddings, Arabic Weddings & African weddings. We are open to doing ALL types of weddings, because love holds no boundaries. 
Whatever the style or theme maybe, the goal is
ALWAYS the same. We are there to capture each moment and turn them into Cinematic masterpieces for you to re-watch and enjoy time for years to come.

Every couple values their most important day, celebrating the love for one another, and what better way to capture the essence of your big day than with a wedding video by Reel MODE. If the theme you’re looking for is a romantic, fun and a filmic style video then you are at the right place. 

Our belief in capturing the most beautiful moments is to film in a candid style. To film those moments as they happen rather than to stage everything, is when you really grasp the real and natural emotions of the love, the laughter and enjoyment between you and your loved ones.

Our passionate and expert videographers work seamlessly behind the scenes, blending in as other guests, less obtrusive, so you and your guests can focus on enjoying your wedding day without feeling awkward in front of a video camera. We’re there to capture the true story of your day discreetly and naturally, then carefully piecing it together to create your own beautifully unique cinematic wedding film.


We are asked at times whether a wedding video is important and do they need it?... Our answer is simple: YES!!


Photos are great, but with a video you will be taken back to that moment when you said 'I do' during your ceremony, or the funny moments and laughter during the celebrations or the emotions you shared together throughout your day. 


Our aim is exactly that when we are producing your video, to Feel and Live life through Moments! We want to capture your emotions for you to relive them everytime you watch back your video for years and years. If you are looking for a team of professionals who will capture those emotions and tell your story within a cinematic movie sequence then why not get in touch with us!

Wedding Videography Prices & Packages

Selecting the right wedding package for you can be a challenge. Couples are often overwhelmed with choices and different pricing options. We feel that simplicity in a package is of key importance. No hidden costs, what you see is what you get.

At Reel MODE, we do have set packages but as every wedding is unique, so should our packages. We will ask you about all of the details of your weddings, and tailor-make a package that suits both your wedding dreams and your budget needs.​

Our packages can include the event’s coverage – from pre-wedding parties & bridal preparations right through to reception parties. Each package would receive a Full feature-length Cinematic video AND a Short Highlight Trailer, which you can share online with your family and friends.

Our Packages can include the following

Pre Wedding Discussion

1-4 camera operators with 2 for photography and 2 for video (depending on package booked)

Drone filming and photography – for that dynamic aerial look

Professional audio recording equipment

Your choice of music

Editing of your film using the latest software

Finished wedding film output to DVD or Blu-Ray and presented in its own casing

Cost of Wedding Videography

We have a range of packages available that will ensure your wedding film is a luxury, bespoke, creative and spectacular cinematic production that surpasses your expectations. A stunning wedding film that far outweighs any costs.
In order to give you a quote we need to know more about your Special Day so please contact us now.


Is a Wedding movie really worth It?
With the success of videos in Today’s world, we really appreciate the value it brings to weddings, and having a good wedding videographer is the key to successful one. As good as Photos can be, all bright and beautiful, capturing moments in time, It is actually a wedding film that recreates the entire experience exactly as it happened.
The looks, sounds, sights, emotions, guests, outfits, the venue all captured on film in full colour. A complete sensory memory that brings everything vividly back to life again, every time you see it.

How many of us today wish that we had a video of a loved one now gone or a moment since lost in time’s catalogue? Your wedding film is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you don’t want to miss.

How important is Wedding videography?
Every wedding, regardless of size or type is such a tremendous experience it is impossible to take it all in on the day. Without your wedding captured on film there is no way to see or remember it all. The day comes and goes so fast that afterwards it will feel like a blur. That’s why Reel MODE videographers will work hard to record all of the moments, sights and experiences that you didn’t even see OR didn’t have enough time to enjoy in the moment.
Newlyweds love nothing better than after their honeymoon, to sit down and enjoy wedding video and relive the glorious emotions.

Using everything from cinematography to aerial footage, panning shots, outdoor shots, cutaways, gimbal technology and more – with the highest quality video production your wedding video is guaranteed to take your breath away. You’ll be amazed at all the things that happened during the day that you were unaware of.
How much does a Wedding movie cost?
Weddings are already incredibly stressful with all the planning and finding the right supplier for everything involved, and keeping your budget under control is an on-going struggle for every bride and groom.
One point that we can guarantee is that when booking a wedding videography and photography package means there is only one cost to pay, one team to deal with, one team in attendance on the day, one shooting-style and one company responsible for your gorgeous wedding photos and film – definitely the best option!
There are set packages, but as each wedding has different schedules and different activities, we can tailor your quote that will ensure your wedding film is a luxury, bespoke, creative and spectacular cinematic production that surpasses your expectations. A stunning wedding film that far outweighs any costs. Keeping that it mind, we are realistic with our prices and affordable to your needs!
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